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Coronavirus: 8 free quarantine home workouts to try during the COVID-19 outbreak

By: :BUI QUANG DUNG 0 comments
Coronavirus: 8 free quarantine home workouts to try during the COVID-19 outbreak

Just because gyms are closed doesn’t mean you have to miss your workout. Staying home tends to mean more eating and less moving for many of us, but you have to stay motivated.

Here are some of our favourite at home workouts to try in Dubai


The Al Serkal fitness house have been streaming their Shape classes that are easy for anyone stuck at home to complete. This class involve a lot of HIIT movements with body weight workouts. Over last few weeks Crank has released a series of at home Shape and Stretch classes for anyone to be able to access and complete. If you have equipment all you need is one dumbbell, if not then using your body weight is fine.

NRG Fitness

Work out from home with the NRG coaches, the rotation will see HIIT, core, yoga and spin with both static and live posts, burn up to 300 calories in 30 minutes with the at home experience. With no equipment required, this is the ideal way to keep fit and healthy during the isolation weeks. Check out the NRG Instagram page for updates.

NRG are also offering the hiring of equipment such as weights and step raisers for Dh150 per week, meaning you get a full body workout without having to buy any equipment! Message NRG on Instagram for more information. They have recently added the hiring of the spin bikes as well.

Fitness First

At the moment Fitness First trainers have been proactively uploading workouts from their homes onto the Fitness First ME Instagram page to help their members and public stay fit while at home. This includes, bodyweight sessions, classes with kids and tips to stay healthy. They are also doing live stream sessions via Instagram and Facebook. They are also uploading 30-minute workout sessions on YouTube. So you really have no excuse. Anyone in the UAE can access these workouts.

Yoga La Vie

The yoga studio on the palm is offering free Instagram live yoga class videos. If you are more of a relaxed workout and inner peace kind of person (and who doesn’t need that right about now?), then check out Yoga La Vie’s insta page for more.

Les Mills

Les Mills free workouts
Image Credit: Les Mills

In these uncertain times, Les Mills is providing a free digital option for their gym partners to pass on to their members. This will enable members to stay engaged and active by working out at home since all UAE gyms are closed due to corona virus. This platform will be free to use and will not collect any data from users. It has over 100 workout options across 8 categories that are ready to play right now. The workouts will remain open and available as long as the Coronavirus situation continues to cause disruption in the market. Les Mills hope that this free offer will help their partners and their members to stay fit and active during this time. Members should contact their Les Mills facility for more details on how to gain access.

Barry's Bootcamp

Everyone knows Barry's Bootcamp classes are tough. The 60 minute classes include HIIT cardio and lots of floor work. Barry's is offering their workouts for free as 30 minute online Instagram Live videos. Check out their schedule on their Instagram.

The Warehouse Gym

Train at home with Warehouse Gym, as each trainer uploads daily videos of different workouts that you can do at home. Their workout videos also come with a list of the workouts so you can know exactly what you are getting into before starting the video.

Chris Hemsworth's Centr app

Train, eat and live better with the tap of a finger. Chris Hemsworth’s offering a free six-week trial to anyone who signs up via the website before March 31. The classes they offer include HIIT, yoga, boxing, to yoga and run from 20 to 40 minutes long. The best part is, anyone at any level can take part, since you can choose your level of intensity. If it’s good enough for Thor, it should be good enough for you.

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